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The Common Room(s) is a series of events across the south east with speakers, conversation and music.



The Common Rooms emerged from a unanimous desire amongst a few friends to create a space where thoughts can be shared, ideas can emerge, and open, thoughtful discussion can be had. We wanted to hear passionate speakers share their insights and ideas, then revel, wallow and be immersed in beautiful acoustic music, leaving the event refreshed in mind, body and spirit.


We hope to develop a space where people can practice listening, coming together for an evening where to be like-hearted is valued above being like-minded. 


A hugely important component of the whole evening is the music, which will be curated, composed and performed specifically for each event. As the mind wanders over ideas shared during the first half of the evening, the space will be enveloped by beautiful acoustic, ambient music of the highest standards. Tapping into classical, jazz, world and electronic music, the music is predominantly composed by Mark Edwards; jazz pianist and highly experienced producer, performer, arranger and composer. 


Each event is an opportunity for us to experiment creatively, so whilst many elements may remain consistent across the evenings, there may be a few surprises. Visual and audio projections, art, poetry… We haven’t exhausted our set list yet and welcome new ideas! 


We are not out to change your mind. None of our participants have an agenda. And we expect all participants and patrons to adhere to the code of respect and honour towards each other. All who are present come with an open heart and a readiness to listen. 


Up Next :

4th - 5th November, Weekend Retreat @ The Birley Centre, Eastbourne   

Come and immerse yourself in this rich weekend, hearing and learning from like-hearted human beings on what inspires and connects us, how we might live with each other and our environment more kindly and sustainably, and how creativity, art and nature can play their part in enriching and transforming our lives.


Click here for all the information.

Upcoming Events

4th - 5th November, Weekend Retreat @ The Birley Centre, Eastbourne

12th November, Andrew Rumsey & Alistair Duncan - A Way of Natural Being

   Brighton Unitarian Church, 7pm (Doors 6:45pm), Tickets £10




Andrew  Rumsey

Andrew Rumsey is a celebrated author, singer songwriter and Bishop. His latest book ‘English Ground’ features lyrical reflections on place, faith and identity. 

He will be performing songs from his  new album, ‘Evensongs’ recorded at a remote 12th century church in Wiltshire. 

Alistair Duncan

Alistair Duncan is an eco psychologist who believes that ‘nature is the real teacher therapist and coach’. 

His approach is to introduce people, through experiential awareness, to ways of changing the way you relate to yourself and everything around you, through the body as well as the mind. And then collaborate with you on finding “a way of being” that resonates with you.



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