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The Common Room(s) is a series of events across the south east with speakers, conversation and music.



The Common Rooms emerged from a unanimous desire amongst a few friends to create a space where thoughts can be shared, ideas can emerge, and open, thoughtful discussion can be had. We wanted to hear passionate speakers share their insights and ideas, then revel, wallow and be immersed in beautiful acoustic music, leaving the event refreshed in mind, body and spirit.


We hope to develop a space where people can practice listening, coming together for an evening where to be like-hearted is valued above being like-minded. 


A hugely important component of the whole evening is the music, which will be curated, composed and performed specifically for each event. As the mind wanders over ideas shared during the first half of the evening, the space will be enveloped by beautiful acoustic, ambient music of the highest standards. Tapping into classical, jazz, world and electronic music, the music is predominantly composed by Mark Edwards; jazz pianist and highly experienced producer, performer, arranger and composer. 


Each event is an opportunity for us to experiment creatively, so whilst many elements may remain consistent across the evenings, there may be a few surprises. Visual and audio projections, art, poetry… We haven’t exhausted our set list yet and welcome new ideas! 


We are not out to change your mind. None of our participants have an agenda. And we expect all participants and patrons to adhere to the code of respect and honour towards each other. All who are present come with an open heart and a readiness to listen. 


Up Next :

2nd July, Cole Moreton - Everything is Extraordinary   

   Brighton Unitarian Church, 7pm (Doors 6:45pm), Tickets £10

We are excited to announce that the first part of this evening will be hosted by celebrated author, journalist and broadcaster Cole Moreton.

Cole has interviewed some of the most famous and infamous people in the world, from Tiger Woods to the Archbishop of Canterbury, written and presented award-winning documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and is about to publish his seventh book, which has the same title as this session: Everything Is Extraordinary.


In 2016 he was named ‘Interviewer of the year’ at the British Press awards and his series The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away, the story of a modern medical miracle, won Audio Moment of the Year at the Arias, the radio industry Oscars. 


Cole has written for every major national title including The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, Independent on Sunday and The Telegraph covering many of the biggest stories of our time from 9/11 to the Coronation. Media appearances include The Big Questions, Newsnight, Today and The Moral Maze as well as currently being a contributor to Pause for Thought on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2.


Cole has his own podcast Can We Talk? and along with broadcaster Emily Jeffery is co-creator of Edge of England, which explores life along this southern coast. His special interests include national identity, culture and emerging forms of Spirituality. He has also written at length about the arts, particularly music and literature, and is a songwriter and lead singer of the band The Light Keepers.


This evening Cole tells true stories about some of the inspiring women and men he has encountered and invites us to share our own recollections of the remarkable people who have touched our own lives. Together we will explore the ways in which we are connected to each other, to the natural world and to the divine, if we believe in that. The title comes from something said by the late Australian writer Clive James, who in his final days told Cole how he had been seized by the revelation that every moment of life was potentially precious and beauty could be seen in even the smallest things. Is there a way for the rest of us to see the world a little more like that too?

Having listened to Cole, and been invited to join in the dialogue if you would like (no obligation) followed by an interval for refreshments and socialising, you will be invited to sit, or lie (feel free to bring a yoga mat) and bathe in the gentle music, presented in acoustic form centred around the beautiful Steinway Piano.


Music on this evening, will be curated by Brighton based pianist, producer and composer Mark Edwards, and will feature beautiful, ambient sounds drawing from classical, jazz, and world music.

Mark Edwards- Piano

James Osler - Guitar


Oz Dechaine - Bass

Upcoming Events

2nd July, Cole Moreton - Everything is Extraordinary   

   Brighton Unitarian Church, 7pm (Doors 6:45pm), Tickets £10

6th August, Annie Edwards & Lou BeckermanEnter The Now

   Brighton Unitarian Church, 7pm (Doors 6:45pm), Tickets £10

3rd September, TBC

   Brighton Unitarian Church, 7pm (Doors 6:45pm), Tickets £10

15th October, TBC - Of Hope and Endurance

   Brighton Unitarian Church, 7pm (Doors 6:45pm), Tickets £10

4th - 5th November, TBC (Weekend event)

   The Birley Centre, Eastbourne

12th November,  TBC - A Way of Natural Being

   Brighton Unitarian Church, 7pm (Doors 6:45pm), Tickets £10

10th December,  TBC - Home

   Brighton Unitarian Church, 7pm (Doors 6:45pm), Tickets £10






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